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hello again!

message from Nadège Cellier

Lots of things happens in life, and indeed happend since the last release of Nadège.

Good things, amazing things, and sure, bad things and worse. C'est vie!
I remember when I was 19 or 20, I used to think that if for anybody life is a journey from
A: birthday point to
B: the moment we are done with this life on earth,
I would welcome a life with lots of ups and downs, so that the total amount of what we might experience and feel would be quite rich.
Because I believed that we are here to experience and learn from any happenings and taste life to the full.

Yes! I was young, fearless, having fun even in difficulties and hardship.
And now what do I see?
A 21st century that still has wars and missiles and discrimination and violence(I used to imagine that we would be just one nationality"Earthian" and there would be no more countries).

But I believe in the goodness of humans, even if sometimes it is hard to see it, and I believe in the learning and evolving of the human kind(even if it seems to go backwards very often!).
I think that too often we focus on the negative aspects of life and forget about its wonders and grace, easily taking for granted simple things that keep us alive.

Air. Water.
Helping and supporting each other.
The beauty of a flower.
The colors, the flavors, the taste.

So many vital things that we would not be able to live without.

Recently I was fortunate to be able to reuse my late father’s analog disc player.
It was my music loving daughter’s wish to listen to analog discs at home.
Since my father passed away nobody used the player and it was left untouched for almost 30years.

But it was still alive.

The moment we were able to hear its warm sound, I knew what I missed for so long.
That round, smooth, richness!
That sound, that music is...

Food for the soul.

I am really grateful to my father and to my daughter for their love of music.

Thanks to them, I am now rediscovering music.

Thanks to Sine qua non who really encouraged me to sing again, we were able to make some new songs!

Hoping that they will bring you some pleasure, some flavors of life!

Flavor hunter...Nadège Cellier